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Military Students

John Wood offers a dedicated military and veterans’ specialist and admissions and advising team to help you.


Starting spring semester 2022, students using Post-9/11 GI Bill® 好处 will be required to verify their enrollment at the end of each month. Failure to verify for two consecutive months will interrupt the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) and/or kicker payments.  请浏览 enrollment verification webpage 从美国退伍军人事务部获取更多信息.

A simple and convenient verification option is to sign up for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) text message verification. Students with a US mobile phone number on file with the VA will receive an opt-in text as their next enrollment period approaches. Students who 不 have a US mobile phone number on file with VA will not be able to use text verification and instead be automatically enrolled into email verification system.

Another option for students who 不 opt-in for text is to call the VA Education Call Center at 888-442-4551 to verify their enrollment status.

Credit for Military Experience/Training

作为 credit for prior learning, JWCC will automatically award 4 hours of college elective credit for basic military training to enrolled students who provide copies of their DD214 to our registrar’s office. 我们也会根据你的联合服务成绩单奖励军事训练和经验, CLEP, 唐太斯, DSST, and the ACE Military Guide recommendations. The American Council on Education’s (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services has been the standard reference work for recognizing learning acquired in the military for more than half a century.

如果您希望JWCC对您的学习成绩进行SOC评估, 报名参加JWCC课程后,请完成以下步骤. 请 note that you must be an enrolled student at John Wood Community College before the requested SOC evaluation will be completed.

  1. 联系 丽莎史诺德, Veterans Coordinator.
  2. Ensure a copy of your Joint Services 成绩单 发送到JWCC
  3. 所有以前的学院或大学成绩单的正式副本是否直接寄给JWCC
  4. Submit all CLEP, 唐太斯, and DSST scores if appropriate

ALL documents should be submitted to the following address:
Office of the Registrar
John Wood Community College
1301 South 48th Street
Quincy, IL  62305.

Military Friendly School

Certification for the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs programs is provided by the Enrollment Services Center.  The certifying official works with veterans to assist them with the paperwork necessary for federal veterans’ 好处 as well as the Illinois Veterans Grant and Illinois National Guard Grant.  经批准为退伍军人教育合格单位, 预备役人员, and dependents under Title 38 United States Code programs. 州IVG和ING申请可在招生服务中心获得.

beat365平台将给予服兵役学分, both active and reserve, based on recommendations of the American Council on Education and the Community College of the Air Force, 当授予该学分符合学生当前的教育目标时. To receive credit for these courses, 学生必须出示他们的dd214(从军队服役分离)的复印件。, CCAF成绩单或联合服务成绩单或注册主任认为可接受的其他证明.


Quality Education, Without All the Debt!

Compare annual estimated costs. JWCC:学费5440美元,杂费300美元,助学金4784美元,奖学金1000美元. College Z: $36346 tuition, $4784 grants, $12000 scholarships.

Notice loans are not included in the above equation. 贷款只是帮助你偿还债务的一种工具,而不是减少你的学费或总成本.

*根据2022-23学年的学区学费,每学期32学时或16学时. 费用 vary based on lab, class and program. 首次平均助学金和奖学金,全日制学生2021-2022学年. (学院Z数据基于地区四年制学校的实际数据)

学费 and institutional fees (区内= $170/学分时,网上= $200/学分时,区外= $280/学分时).

Students who live outside of the JWCC district (out-of-district or out-of-state) and utilize Federal Post 9/11, 第三十章, 31章, or VA Veteran Readiness and 就业 (VR&E) 好处 under the Veteran’s Education Assistance Act of 2008 will be charged in-district tuition in accordance with Illinois House Bill 2353.

Financial Assistance

If you plan to use Veteran educational 好处, 使用四步流程来确定您的资格,并在适当的情况下申请这些福利.

步骤1:完成 the JWCC admissions and registration process

步骤2: Determine your Eligibility

联系 VA office online at the US GI Bill®网站 (or toll-free at 888.442.4551) to see if you qualify for 弗吉尼亚州的好处, GI Bill® 好处, and/or the Top-Up program and to request any necessary forms. 请注意:表格也应在所有DVA办事处索取, most active duty military stations, and American Embassies in other countries.

步骤3:完成 & Send your VA Application

让你的 VA Application for Benefits* (22-1990). 如果你是现役军人,你的员工福利证书需要在第三页的底部签名.

应用 online on the GI Bill®网站

OVA必须采取几个步骤才能将你的学生申请纳入他们的系统. 这个过程包括以下步骤,可能需要长达12周的时间:

  1. OVA personnel receive your enrollment verification from JWCC
  2. OVA联系DoD以确认您已向VA项目付款
  3. OVA人员确认“VA权利”已授予您
  4. OVA将您的学生信息输入到他们的系统中以完成申请流程



Discharged students must also send a copy of their DD214.

Students who have already submitted a VA application may send a “Certificate of Eligibility” in lieu of the application.

Students who have used VA 好处 at another school must submit a completed “Request for Change in Program or Place of Training” (22-1995) in lieu of the application.

步骤4: Continue to verify enrollment

After registering for classes 每学期, visit the Veteran’s Coordinator located in the Enrollment Services Office and fill out a “blue sheet for veteran enrollment certification”. 然后,退伍军人协调员将把您的注册提交给OVA进行处理.

Top-Up programs users must do the following 每学期:

  • Get a 22-1990 (Application for 弗吉尼亚州的好处)
  • Have it signed by their Education Services Officer (ESO)
  • 将其与完成并批准的军事学费援助(TA)表格一起发送到他们的VA办公室.

Still have questions?  电子邮件 丽莎史诺德.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 有关退伍军人事务部提供的教育福利的更多信息,请访问美国官方网站.S. government website at

经批准为退伍军人教育合格单位, 预备役人员 and dependents under Title 38, 由伊利诺斯州审批机构批准的美国法典项目. Anyone who thinks he or she may be eligible for 好处 may obtain information and application forms through the Registrar’s Office. To be eligible for 好处, students must be enrolled in an eligible program, 定期上课,朝着自己的教育目标取得令人满意的进步. This means that a satisfactory GPA must be maintained and that the courses in which the student is enrolled will “reduce the number of credits needed to graduate or complete the program. For more information go to the GI Bill® Benefits Website.

This award will pay the full in-district tuition for Illinois veterans attending JWCC part-time or full-time. Any veteran who entered the armed forces as an Illinois resident and who served at least 12 months are returned to the State of Illinois within six months of separation may qualify for the Illinois Veteran’s Grant. A copy of the discharge papers, DD-214, 在申请该奖项时,必须提供居住证明. 有关资料及申请表格可向注册处索取,或填妥 Illinois Veteran Grant Application.

此奖学金适用于参加JWCC的兼职或全日制学费.  Eligibility requires that the recipient must be a member of the Illinois National Guard for at least one year and must continue to be a member for the duration of the grant. 信息. 网上申请: 直接督导下.

For most active duty military members, 军事学费援助(TA)将覆盖JWCC 100%的学费. 每个服务部门也为助教设立了年度上限.  大多数JWCC学生可以期望TA每年支付4-6门课程的费用. 请向您的安装教育中心查询详细信息并申请学费援助.

Reserve Component
Reserve component members are also eligible for TA under this policy; however, each service component has established specific guidelines, 限制, 为其成员制定的政策可能与典型的现役政策不同.  Before registering for any courses, reserve members should check with their local Education Services Officer (ESO) for specific information and full understanding of the 限制 of their TA coverage.   Reserve members are also encouraged to seek any employer tuition assistance programs that may lower their total out-of-pocket costs.

Five Steps for Processing Your Request for 学费 Assistance

1. Determine the paperwork you’ll need.

If this is your first time setting up TA, or if you have relocated to a new base, you may need some or all of the following documents in order to complete the TA process with your ESO. 请与您的ESO联系,以确定您需要哪些文件, and follow these directions to locate them and print them out:

登记 Receipt

2. 访问 the Base Education Center

no later than 3 weeks prior to your class start date.

3. Complete the TA Form(s).

请 make sure to submit the proper number of forms:  Students taking more than one course can submit one TA form if all their courses have the same “start date”. Students taking more than one course where the course start dates are different must submit a separate TA form for each class.

Army is DA 2171 Form

Air Force is AF Form 1227

美国海军陆战队:表格NETPDTC 1560/3(学费资助申请)

Coast Guard is Form CG4147

Correct Course number and title

Start and End Dates for the course(s)

Billing address for invoices to be sent

If you need assistance with this information, contact Brenda Manis, JWCC Manager of Student Accounts.



Student signature

4. 在课程开始日期之前,将批准的表格(传真或邮件)发送到JWCC.

Fax copy of approved, completed TA form to 217.641.(一定要把传真机里的表格设置正确。)

send the Application for 学费 Assistance; this is not the approved form


5. 一旦TA表格被传真过来,JWCC将在48小时内处理TA表格,并在必要时跟进.

如果您在传真后48小时内没有收到TA表格确认电子邮件, please follow up via email to Brenda Manis.  请始终包括您的全名和您的社会安全号的最后四位数字,以便我们可以最好地帮助您.

A limited number of part-time positions are available on campus to students who are using VA programs. 该计划不隶属于校园或联邦工作研究. See the Veteran’s Coordinator to apply. For more information go to the GI Bill® Benefits Website.

Additional Financial Assistance Links


Students applying to John Wood must submit transcripts including all previous college course work and all military credit.  必须提供以前就读过的各院校的正式成绩单.

A delay in submission of all your transcripts could result in enrollment in unnecessary or incorrect courses.

Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve, Marine Corps and Navy

Request a copy of your Joint Services 成绩单 (JST).

CCAF – Air Force

空军社区学院成绩单申请表位于 CCAF 成绩单 Request ,或写:

CCAF /密不可分
100 South Turner Blvd
Gunter Annex AL 36114-3011

To have a transcript of all credits earned through John Wood Community College sent from JWCC you can print out a 申请表 or request a transcript through your SOLAR account.  联系 帮助台 if you need assistance accessing SOLAR.