Why John Wood?

If You Know Your Path…

  • Save thousands now, get the same scholarships later
  • Internships and industry connections freshman year
  • Get extra attention in your academic major
  • Expert professors will know your name
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If You’re Not Sure…

  • Save money and explore general education courses
  • Faculty will help you find your path
  • Explore through job shadowing and internships
  • Choose from 75+ degrees & certificates

About John Wood

John Wood is located in the hub of a Midwest population center of 90,000 residents and educates about 2,000 students from 9 states and 9 foreign countries at its four locations in West Central Illinois.

Education Centers
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programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree and career & technical training

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Student Satisfaction

(Students wish they could attend all four years)

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Job Placement In

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

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One visit and you will see why students wish they could stay all four years at John Wood! Meet Trail Blazers taking full advantage of the supportive environment, welcoming community and expert faculty.

Trail Blazer Paths

Avery Waner

“One reason I chose JWCC is because of the low expenses, as most do.  I feel the most important reason as to why I chose JWCC is because of it’s welcoming atmosphere.  I will be able to build closer relationships here than I would at a larger university.”

DeJia Hankins

“I choose JWCC because of the amount of time and effort the TRIO department spent with me to prepare for college. They were by my side during a lot of decision making throughout my school years. Everyone was very supportive in helping me be successful!”

Brady Bockenfeld

“I received the best education at half the cost of other colleges and I graduated without any student loan debt. I want to pursue a career as a State Trooper because the sense of pride and satisfaction that I receive when I’m able to help someone in need gives me the utmost joy.”

Brittany Weathers

“I transferred in to JWCC and met some great people through classes and TRiO Support Services for first-generation college students. I’ve had a great experience at John Wood for which I am very thankful and I will transfer to Quincy University to obtain my bachelor’s degree in management.”

Jaelyn Likes

“JWCC has prepared me to transfer to my next step in life by teaching me important life skills through student government and giving me some of my best friends! I will attend University of Missouri–St. Louis this fall to study occupational therapy.”

Olivia Werries

“Personally, I am most looking forward to the student life activities at JWCC! From observation and conversation, I can guarantee that the student life is roaring on the John Wood campus, which is genuinely thrilling and tempting to me!”


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